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Krishna's Inner Circle - The Ashta Chaap Poets

Krishna's Inner Circle - The Ashta Chaap Poets

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The books written by Shyam Das, made available by the Jivamukti Shop have the knowledge, love and wisdom and lifework of Shyam Das.  Shyam Das is an American bhakti scholar and teacher who spent more than half his life in India practicing Pushti Mārga, by living a life of seva/service, meeting teachers, saints, poets and philosophers of the Vaishnav traditions in the Vrindavan area. Notably he was the first westerner to have been embraced by the traditional and ancient order of Sri Vallabhacharya, the last of the 5 renowned Achāryas from India.  An Achārya is a teacher and philosopher of the highest order who is respected for their contribution to Indian spiritual and religious traditions.

These books are not ordinary books printed by a large western publishing house!  These are sacred works written by a divine being who spent his life immersed in bhakti who practiced and taught a unique way of life even for westerners. These books are printed in India about 15 years ago by a small publisher who themselves are traditional bhakti practitioners.   It is said that these books just by keeping with you, even if you don't read them, will allow a yoga practitioner to feel the energy and make the right decisions in life !

Some of the books appear to be damaged or not look brand new. This is because they were stored in a 500-year-old temple in India for many years after Shyam Das died in 2013.  But trusted friends and family members of Shyam Das have worked to preserve these precious works and reprint some of them.   

These books are not for everybody, they are not entertaining in a casual way!  They are for students and teachers of Yoga who have tasted the nectar of Bhakti and are looking to experience more of that bhāva (divine mood and sentiment) and enrich themselves!

Krisha's Inner Circle recounts the lives and songs of the Ashta Chaap poets of Braj. For these 16th century poets, Shri Krishna was not an image, but the living Supreme Being.


Their poems reveal the intimate divine plays of the Lord, as well as his greatness. They are like mantras - able to evoke the seed of devotion and yield the divine fruit of bhava realization.

To learn more about Shyamdas (Stephen Ted Schaffer), visit The Shyamdas Foundation

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