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Magic is a Shift in Perception

Magic is a Shift in Perception

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It's hard to imagine a writer interweaving this variety and number of subjects so organically and effectively: quantum physics, alchemy, choreography, feminism, capitalism, linguistics, Druids Eastern thought, biology, speciesism, fairies, God and love, all of which blend beautifully into a crafted whole that bursts with insight.

The book is as much memoir as poetry, as much philosophy as either. Those of us who know and admire Sharon Gannon in any of her numerous incarnations - yoga master, vegan crusader, singer, dancer, poet, muse - know that when we pick up her latest book there will be penetrating reflections on the universe, mirrors held up to our follies, and valuable insights into navigating the human condition.

This book elucidates the kind of wry journeyer wit that we find in concept albums such as The Band's Big Pink, Dylan's John Wesley Harding or the Beatles's Sgt. Pepper. Sharon challenges readers to see themselves in her confrontations with the world, to move with her away from conditioned life, to breathe with her the clear air that fills the lungs of the jivan-muktas, spirits who are free even while still in physical form. This book tells of a journey that echoes classical spiritual transformation with a voice that is personal, revealing, and vulnerable.

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